A downloadable game for Windows

Be the best telemarketer!

Keep your customers on the line!

☎️ Summary:

You, telemarketing apprentice Mr. Numoney, have bills to pay and to also meet your quota at your high demanding job.

Conversate, negotiate and sell sell sell to a variety of customers!

Try your best to keep up with the pace  and make your boss proud to get that promotion!

✨ Features:

- Secret ending (if you're up for the challenge)

- Potential way to increase your typing speed?

- A super fast-paced fun time!

⌨️ Controls:

- The wholeeeee keyboard

- Ctrl + F - Fullscreen

- Ctrl + R - Restart


🎶 Joep ‘Whirlguy’ de Jong: Music & Sfx (@Whirlguy)

🖥️ Kyle ‘Kylazaur’ Charles: Code & Design (@Kylazaur)

🖌️ Jesse J. Jones: Art & Animation (@JesseJayJones)


💖 Thank you so much for playing!


HANG UP!.zip 20 MB
HANG UP! v1.1.zip 20 MB

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